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Accessibility Allows Us to Tap into Everyone’s Potential

The need for attention and support heightens as we age and develop illnesses and disabilities. As such, Active Care makes sure to provide a wide array of services to help your loved ones feel safe, comfortable, and independent in their homes.

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Personal Support

Helping your loved ones look good and feel better.

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Adult Companion Services

Providing love and support by interacting and listening to your loved ones.

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Respite Care and Crisis Respite

Temporary relief and immediate support for families, ensuring safe care.

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Discover more about our comprehensive range of care solutions.

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Who We Are Active Care Services

We are a 245D-licensed company providing both basic and intensive support services to the residents of Minnesota. Whether your loved ones are suffering from an illness, disability, or age-related medical condition, we are here to provide them with the care and support that they need. Trust us in providing the best possible care to your loved ones; allow us to enhance their quality of living today.

We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

Our commitment lies within our desire to help our clients maintain their independence and live a better quality of life through our support services provided in the comfort of their homes, exceeding their satisfaction and expectations.

About Us

Our Process How We Work

We coordinate with our clients and their family members to personalize care that meets their needs and standards. Working hand in hand with them helps us provide the best care fit for their situation, thus, achieving favorable results and promoting happier lives.

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We Accept Referrals

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